I created this blog to give a public home to my thoughts and an optional venue for my friends to read, or choose not to read.  Welcome and thanks for stopping by.



10 Responses to “About Sally, who may or may not be Smart.”

  1. Tracy said

    that pic is so “Author” looking. Good job Sally!

  2. Kelley said

    Oh! She’s smart, she’s sassy & just plain favalus!

  3. Jon Odell said

    Being called smart in Mississippi is not always a compliment. “She’s smart, ain’t she?” means you got above your raising. But then again, I read yesterday that most of us Mississippians believe that Obama is a foreigner. That ain’t smart at all.

  4. Morgan Brooke said

    Hi Sally
    Thanks so much for sending me your blog address. I started reading the first one — I’m not a huge photography buff but I love Ansel Adams. I change all my photos into poster art or strange abstracts. If you are interested I’d love to meet for coffee sometime–just give me a call. I know you’re busy so –just whenever you have time. (you can bring a kid –that’s probably important) I missed last week’s meeting but I’ll be there this sunday.
    I read Jon Odell’s comment. I know him too. Are you a facebook friend of his? –he starts the best discussions.

    • sallysmart said

      Thanks, Morgan. Yes, Jon is my fellow Mississippian in Minneapolis buddy and we are fb friends. You’re right, the most fascinating discussions he gets going. I’ll email you about coffee as I’d love that.

  5. Sally,

    I always knew you Vardaman’s were a smart bunch and it shows beautifully in your blog! You have a lovely way of putting emotion and mental threads into words — it’s a talent I envy and respect.

    You are now bookmarked and I look forward to more insights on the world and the ‘state of being’ to come. I wish my children were still young like yours … I could have used your guidance.

    As we say in Mississippi … bless your heart.

    Peace, Debbie

  6. Jeanne Schwartz said

    Sally, looking for more smart blogging!

    • sallysmart said

      Awwww. Thanks, Jeanne! I’m also taking suggestions for a different blog name. 🙂 Hope you are well.

  7. Writerlious said

    Hi Sally,

    I’m an aspiring writer looking to connect with others to. Writing can be a solitary path at times. I just clicked to “follow” your blog. 🙂


    • sallysmart said

      Thanks! If you are a YA fan, I must ask if you have read Split by Swati Avasthi. If not, I highly recommend that latest release of any oh her writing on the web.

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