Meet the cast of Hard for the Money, and come hear their stories at The Parkway Theater Tuesday, October 9!

ROSEANNE CHENG is a teacher, mother of two, and author of two award-winning young adult novels, The Take Back of Lincoln Junior High and Edge the Bare Garden. She is the marketing director at Wise Ink Creative Publishing, where she helps authors share their stories with the world. Find her at

Roseanne Cheng

KHADIJAH COOPER is a stand-up comedian and co-producer of POC-People of Comedy, an inclusive showcase featuring the best comics in the Twin Cities (next show Nov 2 at Sisyphus Brewing!). Her high energy comedy and warm self-confidence made her a finalist in the 2018 House of Comedy Funniest Person with a Day Job Contest. She is also an adolescent sex educator and program coordinator at the Annex Teen Clinic, providing education and clinical services to youth all over the twin cities. Find her on Instagram at myblackisbeautiful_kdijah.

Khadijah Cooper

DAJON FERRELL is a Resiliency Coach and speaker with a passion for helping people live their best lives ever, in each moment. Her 13-year military career led her to her current journey of teaching other veterans, and she will soon be working with fellow soul-centered light workers and changemakers, after finding a common thread of determined souls committed to service. She has taught for the Department of Veteran Affairs and spoken at conferences for entrepreneurs and veterans. Her voice has also been featured on the Huffington Post, along with being a published author in the ‘Invisible Thread’ and ‘365 Days of Angel Prayers.’

Dajon Ferrell

LISA HARRIS is an author, poet, speaker, the founder of Fashion Meets Poetry and the visionary behind the brand, Unveiled Beauty. With Unveiled Beauty, Lisa has created multiple platforms for the every day woman to share her story of courage and strength. She launched her work in the women’s empowerment space in 2017 after publishing her first book, Unveiled Beauty: Handwritten Stories From a Poetic Heart (released: September 2016). Prior to, Lisa spent +18 years in corporate retail buying, strategy and product development for Fortune 50 companies. Today, Lisa’s goal is to provide opportunities for women to be heard and to demonstrate their Beauty + Bravery. More details and future events at Facebook: Fashion Meets Poetry

Lisa Harris

LESLIE JACKSON embraces challenges and feels they are learning experiences to mold her into a better person. She spends her leisure time racing her car on the dirt track, driving her motorcycle, or just hanging out with her Grandkids. As Leslie continues to emerge as a butterfly, she has recently started her modeling and acting career. You can find her on Instagram @lesliejacksonmodel

Leslie Jackson

COLLEEN KRUSE is a humorist and storyteller. She has appeared on HBO, VH1, Comedy Central and A&E.

Colleen Kruse

AUTUMN LEE is a vibration raiser and a merriment maker. She is a wielder of light and love. As a devoted believer in magic, moments, and miracles, she passionately subscribes to hope, helping, and healing all of humanity. Whether picture clicking, acting, modeling, teaching or writing, Autumn is all in with big energy and big hugs. She is a joy antenna that channels the very best in all of us. Like success scaffolding, Autumn’s expertise is ensuring every human is seen, valued, and heard. Autumn is currently working on book elevating the stories and regal images of drag humans. You can learn more about Autumn at and follow her on instagram at @autumnleestudios


DR. CLAUDIA MAY is a storyteller, author, poet, educator, spiritual director, children’s book author, consultant, and professor. As Program Director and Associate Professor of Reconciliation Studies at Bethel University, St. Paul, MN, she considers it a privilege to ponder the sacred stories of others, believing we can glean much wisdom from learning from the lives of those we encounter.  Her children’s picture book, a three-movement poem entitled When I Fly With Papa, explores how children and adults can co-create a liberating and emotionally transparent relationship with God. The central character in this book is a 7-year-old black girl called Winnie. When I Fly With Papa can be purchased at, where you will find further information about Dr. May’s work.

Claudia May

AMY QUALE is a start-up owner, thought leader, dream maker, and speaker. She began her career in book publishing in editing and production more than a decade ago, and has worked with large and small presses of all flavors. She went on to co-found Wise Ink as a blog in 2012 and Wise Ink Creative Publishing in 2013, where she collaborates with purpose-driven human beings to build books with soul. Amy has a master’s degree in English, for which she wrote her thesis on Fifty Shades of Grey and the paradox of female sexual empowerment with female oppression as it lives in the romance genre and in life in general (side note: her life only mirrors Anastasia Steele’s in that she’s a real-life English major who runs her own publishing house). She lives in the Twin Cities with her family and sweet-‘n’-sassy English cocker spaniel.


CARI TAYLOR-CARLSON has been a free-lance writer since 1985, publishing her first book in 1990. Her love of hiking, travel, and adventure culminates in her seventh and most recent book, Life on the Loose, her memoir of running her adventure hiking company Venture West. For over 32 years she has led eager hiking groups by trail, canoe and kayak through experiences from Michigan to Nepal. She currently reviews restaurants for Urban Milwaukee and is working on a second memoir.

Cari Taylor-Carlson