For My Birthday

January 6, 2018

My birthday is in a few days.

It is a social media thing to raise funds in celebration of your birthday.  I like it.  Facebook has hundreds of enrolled non-profits, and if I picked one of them it would be easier and more compelling for you to part with your cash.

But the organization I most want to support didn’t have a Facebook profile.  My hope is that pointing people to a small, ground level non-profit might garner more bang for the buck.  You won’t see those motivating Facebook totals.  But if you believe in this effort, you will know that your money went straight to a small and mighty warrior for women, and the brave staff members who keep its mission alive.

Pink House

trappedThis is the only remaining abortion provider in my hometown of Jackson, Mississippi – for that matter, in the whole state.  Despite wide praise for Willie Parker and his relentless pursuit of rights for women, especially poor and desperate women, this clinic still struggles.  Because it is the only one in Mississippi, thousands of women are dependent on its survival.

You can read about Dr. Parker’s compassion here.  You can donate to the Jackson Women’s Health Organization here.  And if you don’t want to do that, but you support the cause, you can also do so by buying Dr. Parker’s book here.