Remembering Sally Ride (and an unfortunate fact about America)

July 25, 2012

Guest post by Susannah Clear

There was a discussion in my friendslist last week where someone commented that they thought LGBT advocates were verbally aggressive and that LGBT individuals should keep their relationship status in their private bedrooms. As a follow-up response, I think that it’s worth considering Sally Ride, whose partner of 27 years is ineligible for federal death benefits after Sally’s death this week because of the Defense of Marriage Act. Consider Sally….astronaut, PhD from Stanford in physics, national heroine as the first American woman in space, esteemed academic, founder & CEO of company focused on providing science education opportunities for children, idol of geeky little girls everywhere, and lucky enough to have a pop song that coincidentally immortalized her name, as if all her real accomplishments weren’t enough. She was a woman that from the outside, appeared to have done EVERYTHING right. Yet in the eyes of the federal government, she died less equal than her fellow astronauts because she had the nerve to love a woman, not a man.

You can view her obituary here.


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