Delight Matters

June 6, 2012

I have a new trick to get myself to do things I really don’t like to do.  I mean, I’m a grown up now.  Even worse than that, I have kids who imitate me all the time and I want them to imitate me and PICK UP AFTER THEMSELVES.

My new trick is to watch TEDTalks and other YouTube videos filled with interesting stories and research.  TEDTalks are usually about 20 minutes and I get a good bit done in 20 minutes, even at the slower pace of distraction.

Tonight I was making a dessert for work tomorrow, because for some reason I feel compelled to make my coworkers believe I can cook.  I ran out of a crucial ingredient at 11pm and had to leave to go to the store before I could finish.  I was unfazed, however, because I had just stumbled upon and seen the first half of this video.  I grinned and chuckled throughout my errand, and did so more when I returned and watched the rest.

And yes, this is another thing I want my kids to imitate.