A Culinary Stroll along a North Shore Childhood

May 19, 2012

I have known Sandy Holthaus for over a decade.  But I didn’t know she lived in a home without indoor plumbing until she was six years old.  But now, thanks to her, I know that the coldest place on earth is an outhouse in winter.

I knew Sandy was a great cook, but had no idea what a treasure trove of old home recipes she carries with her, all of which tuck neatly behind some of her funniest memories.

I knew she was smart, but I had no idea how wise she is.

I knew she was funny, but I had no idea what a master of storytelling she is.

Sandyisms: Stories, Recipes and More from the North Shore is a collection of Sandy’s stories written for her column in her local town newspaper.

The stories are delightful and come with a vast array of recipes, everything from homemade chicken soup slow cooked-all day long to her grandmother’s buttermilk sugar cookies.  The latter is the one I can’t wait to try.  And in these stories lies a glimpse of how Sandy has become the strong cookie she is today.

Also in her stories I found a sense of why I love Minnesota so much.  Like in The South where I grew up, Sandy shows how the best things in life are often shared over good food and drink and the stories that connect us all.

A sad footnote to the joy of these stories being published in one volume is that Sandy’s brother passed away unexpectedly the day after her first shipment of books arrived at her doorstep.  I found this out just minutes before I opened the book and began to immerse myself in her cheerful stories.  You can find her most recent blog post here and continue to find her writings here.

Sandyisms is available in hard cover and paperback through Amazon and select local bookstores.


2 Responses to “A Culinary Stroll along a North Shore Childhood”

  1. brennagee said

    I like her writing style, warm and genuine. I am keenly interested in that sugar cookie recipe.:) I’ve been trying to duplicate my grandmother’s for years with moderate success. Thanks for introducing us to Sandy. I bet you have some yummy southern recipes Sally.:)

  2. […] Stories, Recipes and More from the North Shore.  Sandy is a great lady whom I have mentioned here before.  Please here what she has to say about our upcoming vote in Minnesota as to whether we should […]

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