The Holiday “Card”

December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year – or whatever winter soltice or end of year celebration floats your boat.

In our house, 2011 has been…well… quite the year.  May we all leave it with eyes pointed forward and no regret.

The greatest highlight of my year was seeing my children really grow in their ability to read and write well.  They journal at school and daughter V has even taken to writing down her anger rather than yelling me – not all the time, but enough to take the edge off.   The novelty of that change alone could carry me blissfully through 2012.  They all three have the gift of great teachers who help them shine in this area in a way I never could.

I went back to work this year and really enjoy it, despite the challenges that new demand brings.  The kids go to an after school program that they seem to enjoy and I am so pleased to have it available, especially as winter approaches.  That great big gym is more fun than either of our living rooms.

In July the kids and I went to Florida to visit some of my family.  This was the kids’ first sight of the Gulf of Mexico and they had a great time.  They also were indulged in the attention of many adults.  Thanks so much to Aunt Linda for making it all happen!

Below are a few photos from the year, which despite its pain and grief, also brought a lot of joy.  Thank you to all the friends who helped make that possible.  We love and appreciate you so!

Wishing you all a wonderful and healthy 2012.


S, P, C & V

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December 8, 2011

A weary end to a long day has me caught up in a rare compulsion to spew negativity. But since there is plenty of that going on around the internet, I will show you a sight that regularly lifts my spirits.

I live in the city of Minneapolis, but work out in the boonies (aka, the outer suburbs). Every day I go to work I pass these corn fields. Every day I marvel at how beautiful they are. From early growth to harvest and now to mowed down and covered with snow, the morning and afternoon light catch them so beautifully. It is a constant reminder of how much beauty there is in the world to be enjoyed.

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