Brene Brown

July 30, 2011

I am often late to discover what is interesting or insightful, but I stumble upon these two TEDTalks by Brene Brown and believe they hold some of the greatest truths on what it means to live a full and contented life.  I hope you’ll take the time to watch one or both of them.

If you enjoy these, you can find more of her work here.

On Moving from Shame to Whole-Heartedness:

On Vulnerability:



July 2, 2011

Thank you to all who stop by this blog. I don’t consider this my best writing, but those of you who take the time to comment or discuss my pieces with me in person help me refine my writing. It helps me know whether what I intended to say was heard, and what I can do better.

As those close to me know, I have recently separated and filed for divorce. It is a difficult time, but not all bad. My three children have a wonderful Dad and I am not at all alone in this most important role I play.

Since this process leaves me with little to say publicly, I won’t be posting for a while. Instead I’ll be working on other writing, adjusting to being a renter (a good thing), writing thank you notes to the many friends who have made this transition possible and doable, finding a job, and, I HOPE, now being there for all those who have been there for me.

Thanks again for stopping by.  Please do not comment here.  You are welcome to contact me at