Is there an app for that?

April 19, 2011

An app…for intestinal fortitude?  For tolerance of steel?  Nope, just Valium, huh?  Damn.  Best not to start that habit now.

I had a great business professor who had been a flight attendant in her early work life.  At her first interview, she was bright eyed and eager to travel the world.   The interview began in the usual pleasant manner.  But on a dime the manager stood up and started screaming at her, getting in her face and pacing around her while screaming insults at her stunned interview candidate.  This was a glimpse of a bad day in the life of a flight attendant, the manager explained as soon as she was finished behaving like a psychopath.

My professor told this tale as a bad example of interview strategy.  I agreed.

But now I think every prospective parent should go through some version of this before committing to that lifetime role.

As those of you closest to me know, this is the most stress I’ve endured in my life, for reasons beyond issues of raising kids and behavior and the like.  Even worse than when the kids were younger.  I only hope I’ll remember how I feel now so that, one day, if I return to a level closer to normal and manageable, I will realize it and appreciate it.

That would put all this to good use, right?  Learning to live life better and be more grateful?  I plan to find out.


One Response to “Is there an app for that?”

  1. brennagee said

    I connect with you on this post Sally.:) At one point in my life I actually thought motherhood would be less stressful than an office job.;)

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