Lovely Out

March 23, 2011

I was at a friend’s house late tonight and drove home in what has to be the slushiest conditions I’ve experienced to date.  Nerve-wracking, driving in this kind of weather.  You know it qualifies when EVERYONE slows down.  Well, everyone except the city bus driver determined to stay on schedule at 11 p.m. on a Tuesday evening.

But as I turned into my neighborhood and no longer worried about traffic and or dodging buses, I could enjoy the view.  After several days of above-freezing temperatures, the snow banks have slouched down to wide, shallow piles with rounded slopes.  Tonight’s freezing rain was enough to cast white back over the terrain which has changed so much in the last few days.  In the streetlamps the glow was different, yet another brand new landscape.

As I got out of my car I had that eery feeling that something was different but I couldn’t tell what.  I crossed the street and stepped up on the sidewalk.  My street was wider, my sidewalk smoother, the snow illuminating the shape of everything underneath it.  I had noticed the change in shapes of the piles earlier, but now in the night-lit snow it was all different again.

Despite brutal wind and wet cold I relished the chance to go back out to put the recycling and trash in my alley, feeling for the garbage collector dealing with all those wet bags tomorrow morning.  I still thought it was so pretty that I went back out when I was done, camera in hand, full of energy I rarely have on a cold, wet night after my usual bedtime, ruining all that smooth snow with many trips of my footprints.

After a winter of record snowfall, this Mississippi girl can still marvel at the wonder that is snow.  Even if it arrives in late March.


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