March 21, 2011

This week my kids will take a vacation with Daddy for SIX WHOLE NIGHTS.  This is the longest period of time I have been away from my children and, I believe, only the second time for more than one night.  The other time was for three days when my father passed away and they were too young to be schlepped a thousand miles for a funeral they’d likely not remember.

I will enjoy the quiet and the solace and the relaxed pace of the way I do adulthood.  I had hoped to start a new job while they were gone, but that did not pan out.  So I will spend quality time with friends, my writing projects, and complete various undone projects around the house.  It will be a real vacation and I’m going to LOVE IT.  No matter how much you love the people in your life, everyone needs a break.  And I am grateful to have this one.

But no matter how much I will enjoy it, saying goodbye to my sweet ones for that long will be tough.  They are in good hands, without a doubt.  But they will miss me and they are still too young to appreciate how quickly a week passes, how quickly they’ll be in front of me again, talking non-stop about all the fun they will have had.  And I will miss them.  I don’t know what it will be like to have this place all to myself.

One of my greatest hopes as a parent is for my children to learn to go out into the world on adventures without me.  I so hope they enjoy this first big one.  And I so hope I will be rested and rejuvenated, and have a little more to give them when they return.


One Response to “Bittersweet”

  1. brennagee said

    Six whole nights!! I bet it went fast. I believe it’s good to have time to miss your loved ones. The reunion is so sweet.:) You will for sure have more to give them when they return.

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