Career Day

March 19, 2011

Yesterday was Career Day at my kids’ school.  The idea of Career Day, I find, brings out the feminist in me.  But since my oldest is only in first grade and it was held on the Friday before Spring Break, I let the whole thing slide.  Next year, really, I am going to encourage them to come up with some cool stuff and actually help make costumes.  Really.

So, my son dressed up as an animal keeper.  His costume consisted of a calculator in his hand.  I didn’t argue as since he decided this ten minutes before they needed to be AT school.  One daughter was a princess, though she could not tell me what a princess DOES all day.  And my other daughter was a race car driver, thanks to brother’s Halloween costume.  She wanted to be an astronaut but we couldn’t find the right helmet for the job.

It was fun to see the different ideas at school.  One kid wore a brightly colored hat with a name tag that claimed he was a cartoonist.  I saw a girl with a doctor’s coat and, for some reason, a mustache and beard painted on her face.  I wondered why she needed to be male to be a doctor, but apparently she was a Mad Scientist!  I thought that was cool.

My kids loved the day and have been talking about it ever since.  This morning, Daughter #1 asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up.   Glad she noticed I haven’t really grown up yet, but I’ve been pondering my lack of an answer ever since…  Blog Writer??  Hmmm, no one pays me for that.  Must think it over some more.

In the meantime, this is the video for Career Day by our friends The Bazillions.  Daughter #2 can be seen in her debut as a coffee-drinking computer worker and a construction worker (yellow hard hat below).


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