I Wonder…

March 14, 2011

My children watch Nightly News on PBS.  It is an experience that makes me cringe, but a good habit to watch as a family as they are at the age where they hear about the bad stuff anyway.   But I cringe in a different way this week.

My children watched with awe as they saw the video replayed over and over of the ocean gushing across coastal land in Japan.

“That’s water?!?”

Yes, we told them.  We explained in basic terms what happens when an earthquake hits in the ocean.

“I see cars!”  “What’s THAT?!?”  They stood closer to the screen and squinted trying to make out the detail in the images.  I did not say what was on my mind, that most of those cars had a driver nearby or in it, passengers too.  That what they saw on the screen was the certain death of thousands of people in a horrific manner.  And I wondered what I didn’t want my kids to wonder yet.

I wondered how one gets through those minutes of sheer terror.  I wondered about family in Tokyo and took as a good sign that no one was talking about Tokyo.  I wondered what it was like for the survivors to see their entire community obliterated.  My mind darted around from one wondering to the next.

I still wonder.

I wonder what it is like to be a nuclear power plant worker who dons a white, crown-to-toe covering suit and walks IN to potential disaster because someone has to be there to attempt to contain the damage.

I wonder what it is like for all the people in that path of destruction to come to terms with what has happened and is happening around them.

I wonder what it is like to be trained in emergency management and drop everything to go use those skills to help the horrified.

We are tenants on this planet, probably temporary ones at that, not divinely placed squatters.  The earth will always shift and adjust under us as it has for millions of years before we came along.

But for now I am grateful that the people I know and love are safe and my heart breaks for those who no longer have that peace.


One Response to “I Wonder…”

  1. Jon Odell said

    Thanks, Sally. That helps.

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