I Heart Nora Ephron

February 5, 2011

I sometimes get the idea that loving Nora Ephron’s work is, well, less than chic.  Kind of a silly thought of mine when it is far more important that people are allowed to love and marry their partners in life and have all the appropriate legal rights and protections associated with the institution of marriage in this country.

Don’t you love it when I open with a tangent?

Anyway, I love Nora Ephron and still think When Harry Met Sally is one of the most brilliant romantic comedies ever.

I have read all her essay collections and now have I Remember Nothing in my hot little hands.  Her voice is the perfect combination of confident, witty, neurotic, arrogant and self-deprecating that I can only describe as… Believable.

Since she will certainly sell many copies of this volume, I’ll shamelessly encourage you to go to the nearest bookstore, pick up a copy of I Remember Nothing, and read the essay entitled “The Legend”.  Because that story is the most succinct and delightful depiction of the complexity of a daughter’s love for her mother I have ever read.

I love you, Nora Ephron.


(PS – I’ve now finished reading the whole collection.  Just pick up the book and read that one essay and put it back on the shelf.  It goes way down hill from there.)


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