Sick Kids…Again

January 31, 2011

Man, I do not wish sickness on my kids, but holy cow, they are so SWEET when they don’t feel well.  Son was sick most of yesterday, fighting infection hard with a mammoth fever.  Pitiful, sleepy, achy…unhappy!

By 10pm that night he was vomiting and agitated with his fever.  By 11pm Daughter #2 awoke with a painful headache and her own high fever, which did not prevent her from stopping on the couch to give Son a kiss on the cheek.  With Son firmly planted on the couch, I dragged a fold-up sleeping pad thingy out for Daughter #2, and I hunkered down in between them with my beloved soft blanky that my kids gave me for my birthday.  Before I sprawled out completely, though, Daughter took a moment to straighten my pillow for me.  Then when I settled in she patted me with her fiery hot hand and I hoped for the Tylenol to kick in soon.

Son got delirious through the night and confessed having made a gigantic panda out of chocolate.  He grumbled some other stuff, but I won’t “out” his other confessions.  He woke up long enough to pine for my blanket, so I shared, this time.  Daughter ended up in bed with Daddy upstairs and soon after we all finally got some sleep.

Somewhere along the way Daughter #2 returned back downstairs and back to the sleeping bad.  She asked me to come lie back down with her.  How could I say no?  But right as I got down on the floor, I took one look at her and had to get back up and go get my camera.  She scowled and said, “Are you gonna take a picture of me?”  I guess she knows my LOOK when she sees it.

Son’s fever finally broke by early morning.  Daughter #2 slept peacefully.  Daughter #1, still unaffected by the house illness, slept 30 minutes late and still got off to school nearly on time.  Thanks to neighbor Dave for walking her safely for me.

When the sickly pair finally awoke they cuddled and watched tv.  They agreed to take turns picking shows and were as sweet to each other as ever.

And now I need to go hold the bowl…again.


2 Responses to “Sick Kids…Again”

  1. Jon Odell said

    Sally, I just thought about how wonderful these blogs are going to be for your kids to read when they are 30. Such a loving gift they will make!

  2. sallysmart said

    Thanks, Jon. I hope so.

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