Living with Children

November 29, 2010

I have been known to bitch about the stresses of parenthood.   I admit to a certain envy of people my age who are childless by choice and I applaud their self awareness and responsible choice.  I look wistfully back at the time when I did not either.  If I’d known how hard it was going to be, I would never have signed up.  And in their defense, it is not their fault that I had three babies within 15 months.  Who the hell knew I could be so fertile?!?

But now that they are here and I wouldn’t change any of it.

I cannot imagine life without them, and I am certain I am a better person after the experiences they’ve provided me over the last almost seven years.  In all the time I spend writing, I have yet to remotely capture the experience of parenthood.  It is too broad, too grand and too damn complicated.

But here are a few jewels from them this last week that made me smile…

The radio is on and Son says to Daughter 1, “Listen!  It’s an American Doll commercial!”  Daughter 1 replies with great disgust and irritation, “I don’t like those!”

We’ve been terrified of Daughter 1 getting swept up by American Doll mania, especially since the constant influx of advertisements slip past us and into her lap.   If you wonder why I care, go check out their exorbitant prices.

We have our share of the intellectual argument of “DID NOT!”  “DID TOO!”

Daughter 2 accused son of doing something “on purpose”.



“You can’t read my brain!”

Daughter 2 lives to irritate people.  Her favorite source of entertainment is a good game of Poke the Bear.  Family members are her bears.  But this morning she is sick with a stomach ache and, before going to school, Son and Daughter 1 gave her lots of hugs, told her they loved her and would be home after school to help take care of her.

Daughter 2 once asked me, “Mom, how come you can remember what happened when you were a kid but can’t remember where you put your keys yesterday?”  Damn, she’s observant.

Son lost a tooth last night and when he collected his Tooth Fairy gain from under his pillow this morning, the Daughters rushed to behold its beauty and… they kissed it for him so his money would have love.

Son hit Daughter 1 the other day (a frequent occurrence).  He managed to catch her glasses and actually hurt her pretty good.  She cried.  He apologized.  They cuddled until all was well again.

My kids get along really well, and they fight like street cats who just found a can of tuna.  I often say that I am very mean and they have a lot to bond over.

I once lost my cool with Daughter 1 and, yes, I made her cry.  Daughter 2 rushed in to comfort her, put her arms around her… and they just GLARED at me.  Daughter 2 said to me, “Can you not yew at hew anymore?”  For a split second I winced at being the enemy.  But then I realized that bond would long outlive me, and it is one of my favorite memories of motherhood to date.

I don’t believe in living through my kids’ accomplishments or experiences, but someone once told me that it was an opportunity to enjoy childhood again.  This is true when we watch old Pink Panther or Beatles cartoons.

I hope one day to use my parenting experiences in writing better than this, but this will do for now.


4 Responses to “Living with Children”

  1. uncle R said

    loved latest blog

  2. sallysmart said

    Thanks, Mr. T.

  3. anna said

    you summed it up perfectly. and your kids are darling.

  4. Brenda Golbus said

    I like how you turned your “meanness” into a bonding tool for your children. I think I will steal that.;)

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