September 12, 2010

This morning my friend Joanne and I spent a short hour snapping photos and visiting amid the sight and sound of our neighborhood creek.  She is one of those friends with whom I rarely have a superficial conversation.  Today was no exception.

So we snapped photos of the swirling water and dappled light and shared the thoughts and questions and ideas on our minds – or as much of that as we could squeeze into our short time together.  We agreed that our jaunt was unlikely to yield fine art.  Its sole purpose was to give us breathing room outside the busy-ness of our lives.  And it did just that for me.  I could have watched that rolling water and listened to my friend’s quiet wisdom for hours.

Thanks, Joanne.

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3 Responses to “Recess”

  1. Joanne Toft said

    Sally thanks for sharing your morning with me!! It made my day. To walk, to talk and to see the world from a different lens – yours, mine and the cameras.

    Flowing thoughts over stones

  2. Mary Brozic said

    Yummy creek/water images.

  3. Doug Toft said

    What beautiful images.

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