Since I will be spending the next five months or so bitching about how cold it is, now seems like a good time to revisit all the reasons why I love living here.

10.  At a four-way stop I can just hit the gas because it is a near certainty the other three drivers will gesture for me to go first.

9.  An urban environment built around pretty lakes make a lovely combination of concrete and nature.

8.  There is art everywhere.

7.   There is a lot of really cool stuff to do in public spaces.

6.  Mary Tyler Moore lived here, even if only in fiction.

5.  All winter long I notice stray mittens and scarves hung on branches.  When people find them on the ground they put them up high so the owner might be reunited with them. 

4. Most everything I need is within 3 miles of my house.

3. My very best friends in the whole wide world live here.

2. Same sex couples can and do raise their children in peace alongside other parents.

1. Though it could be because I’m not paying attention, I don’t know anyone who says “You betcha” like Sarah Palin does.