Bad, Bad Blogger

October 17, 2009

Hello to my loyal followers, the whole handful of you.

A few of you have asked why no blog lately.  The short answer is that I’ve been busy.  The honest answer is that I’m a slacker.  I think I’ve already broken all the rules of blogging, but…other writing comes first.  And they both get sidelined by trips to urgent care to have a fruity snack removed from a child’s nose.  Yes, Scott.  I am hitting the very snag you warned me about.

As always, thanks for stopping by.  Please understand if it sits dormant for a while.


5 Responses to “Bad, Bad Blogger”

  1. Jon Odell said

    How do I get an update when you make an entry. Don’t want to miss anything.


    • sallysmart said

      Jon, you’re a doll for even asking! When I actually feel erudite and put words to blog, I’ll post it on FB. Thanks.

  2. Scott said

    You hit the snag. That is ok, but don’t let it sit dormant. Even if you just write “Too busy today.” until you aren’t you will be keeping up inertia! You can do it!! You have something say and should keep saying it.

    Big slacker smooches,


  3. Lori said

    I was wondering! Have been waiting to hear about the project we were talking about… among other things! I’m sort of “in-between” right now, though I have 3 days in a row this weekend when I’m off and Tom works, so I might finally get the re-write polished. Have a cool idea for a paranormal, instead of the mystery I’d planned to write next!

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